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The story they never tell us

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Point of view

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The foreign national

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Upwork Coffee Bag

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Baba's Ajvar

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Beer Lab

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Murals for Upwork SF offices

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Illustrated disorders

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Ready TWO party

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Family Jungle

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Digislavia hosting

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When hungry

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Personal branding

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Food icons

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Bird house

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Unusual travel words

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Soul Connection

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Ivana & Casio

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Digislavia hosting

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Body&Mind Institute

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Mosquito season

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Eating dissorder

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Sexism Toward Women In Politics -

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Clubbing in the time of pandemic

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Smartphone detox

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Wired Annual 2022

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Blank page anxiety

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Finally, the bars are open

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Describe 2020 in one gif

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Why the best ideas come in the shower?

Andrea Bojkovska Iris illustrator

Andrea Bojkovska (Andrea Iris) is a conceptual illustrator, visual riddle solver
and passionate pizza eater.
She loves solving visual problems through illustration concepts.
Her work is rather metaphorical than literal.
The goal of her work is to make you stop and think.

Selected clients
Upwork Inc, Wired UK, New Degree Press

Exhibitions and rewards
VII. Sejem ilustracije 2021, Ljubljana
PDP SHIFT Risography exhibition 2021 / 3rd place
Ilustrofest 2021, Belgrade
Playing Arts Challenge Future edition 2020 / first deck chosen card illustration
Win Music Freedom poster design 2019 / 3rd place
Displate Create Eight Art Challenge 2019 / 2nd place

Press Behind the “Wake & Make” Campaign

Contact her if you are interested in creating stuff together.


Material: Air dry clay
Paint: Acrylic
Coming soon

Murals for Upwork SF offices

Client: Upwork Inc
I was commissioned by Upwork to illustrate two murals for their conference rooms
for their office in San Francisco. The task was to take inspiration from two of SF's districts - SoMa and Sunset.

Illustrated disorders


Eating disorder

Blank page fear

Choice anxiety


Ready TWO party

Jan's jungle


Unusual travel words

Personal branding illustration

Digislavia hosting

I was selected to be a host of the online artist gallery named Digislavia.
I showcasted the perks of being a freelance illustrated.

When hungry

Food icons

Bird house

Fighting eating disorder

Sexism Toward Women In Politics

An article about the sexism toward women in politics, particularly in Macedonia, and how proper education has crucial part in solving this problem.

Mosquito season

Wired Annual 2022

Client: Wired UK


Electric accelerates
Roads in 2022 will feature many more electric and sustainable vehicles, as manufacturers go all in on EVs. Subaru’s all-electric Soltera, Ford’s electric version of its F-150 and Mercedes Benz’ EQA (launching in the US) will jostle for space on the motorways with Tesla’s long- awaited Cybertruck, predicted to finally roll off the production line later in the year. Many car companies are producing EVs in 2022 as the first step in longer-term sustainability initiatives – Mercedes-Benz and Ford are committed to becoming fully electric by 2030. The next challenge will be the charging infrastructure and grid capacity.


Chat dethroned
Ellen DeGeneres, the beloved TV talk-show host, will end her show in 2022, after 19 seasons at the top of the daytime- chat game. The Ellen DeGeneres Show won 64 Emmys and DeGeneres presented more than 3,000 episodes – but this has been overshadowed by accusations from staff of a hostile environment where bullying was rife. Pop singer Kelly Clarkson will take over Ellen’s slot – but not everywhere. Some stations have opted instead to run cheaper news-filler shows, citing both the expense and criticisms that the chat format has had its day.


Nuclear unplugs
In 2022, Germany’s long-term goal to decommission its nuclear plants will finally be accomplished, as the last six go dark. After the Fukushima disaster in 2011, then- chancellor Angela Merkel announced that all of the remaining German nuclear power plants would be shut within the decade. Germany had 17 nuclear power stations in total before 2011, and around a quarter of Germany’s electric power was nuclear; renewables now make up over 50 per cent.


Social currency
Facebook has revealed plans to spend up to $1 billion in 2022 in a campaign to entice creators away from platforms such as TikTok and onto Facebook and Instagram. It will take the form of bonuses, which Facebook will pay to creators who have ads on IGTV videos, or who reach milestones such as a certain number of views on Reels.
The Facebook and Instagram apps will feature a “dedicated place for bonuses” to make it easier to identify who is eligible for the scheme and show creators how to work towards unlocking the payments.


Apple of your eye
Tim Cook will unveil Apple’s long-rumoured virtual-reality headset in 2022, entering a market dominated by Facebook’s Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR, Valve Index and HTC Vive. Analysts believe its exterior will blend fabric and lightweight materials, while inside, a custom chip more powerful than the M1 processor will drive the hardware and will wirelessly connect to a user’s MacBook or iPhone. The headset will also provide augmented reality experiences – and, no doubt, a whole new way to shop in Apple’s App Store. Sanjana Varghese


High hopes for retail
New Mexico will launch a regulated and legal market for marijuana from April 1, 2022, becoming the 17th US state to allow cannabis retail. Marijuana- based products sold in specially licensed stores will have a 12 per cent excise tax in addition to state taxes. Therapeutic marijuana for medical purposes had already been legal in the state since 2007, while possession and personal use for over-21s were made legal in June 2021. Public consumption remains outlawed, but the new bill allows those with previous marijuana-related convictions to expunge their records.


Asteroid belted
Nasa’s DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission will take place in 2022, more than 11 million kilometres from Earth. It will test whether an asteroid could be steered away from a potential collision with the Earth, through the deliberate crashing of a spacecraft weighing half a tonne at around 24,000kph. An onboard camera will record the impact with a moonlet orbiting the asteroid Didymos, to see if its orbit can be altered. An ESA mission, Hera, will arrive at the site in 2026 to collect more data on the event.


Pre-pandemic plans
In 2022, Dr. Anthony Fauci will initiate a “prototype” vaccine programme in anticipation of
the next pandemic – an idea originally pitched by Dr. Barney Graham in 2017. Using methodologies and research capabilities similar to those that produced the Covid-19 vaccines, it would draw on existing research
to create protection against viruses from 20 virus families. By 2027, Dr. Fauci aims to have prototype vaccines for ten of the 20 virus families targeted.


Consent for content
euCONSENT, a cross-border age- verification project covering the EU and UK will launch in 2022. It aims to protect children from online harm by ensuring they can see age- appropriate material, but be blocked from accessing adult services and content. The consortium hopes to achieve this by charging digital providers to create robust and interoperable age-verification and parental-consent infrastructure. Plans for a similar project in the UK were scrapped in 2020, but euCONSENT will set out to achieve many of the same safety goals.

Clubbing during the pandemic

Pms cravings

Soul Connection

Why the best ideas come in the shower?

How to survive creative burnout

Blank page anxiety

Upwork 'Wake & Make'

Coffee bag packaging illustration
Client: Upwork
This custom Wake & Make package was designed by @andrea_iris. Born in North Macedonia, Andrea was an artistic kid and even went through a “graffiti phase”. No matter what she’s creating, her intention is always to make the viewer stop and think. What inspired this design? In Andrea’s own words, “the inspiration came from an unexpected place—a Netflix show that I was watching about space shuttles. After thinking about how I feel every morning while I wait by my espresso machine and finally sense that smell of coffee, it hit me. What could better explain the boost of energy, than a space shuttle launch?”

Baba's Ajvar

Concept packaging illustration, inspired by my grandma's ajvar.

Body&Mind Institute illustration

Website and merchandise illustrations for yoga studio Body & Mind Institute.
The task was to illustrate the motion of selected yoga poses and consultations.