Hi there!

I am Andrea, and this website is my journey of becoming a freelance illustrator.

My approach is conceptual, with integrated intellectual components. My work's purpose is to draw attention, make you stop and think. My job is to find the best visual solutions to the challenges of my clients’ assignments.

Besides work, I like to take care of my dog and my plants, cook nice pasta and watch Netflix with my boyfriend.

Please contact me if you are interested in creating stuff together.

Spirit animal

The illustrations were inspired by three elements,
woman figure, certain animal/zodiac, and nature landscape.

'The girl and the tiger' was commissioned as a birthday gift.
Both were printed with the Giclee technique.

Today's craving series

Food illustration studies.

Unusual travel words

An illustrated prompt of unusual travel words. (Nemophilist, Onism)


Fan art illustration for Khruangbin.

Bird house

An illustrated prompt of birds and houses.

Baba's Ajvar

Personal project illustration for a concept packaging design, for my grandma's Ajvar.

Why the best ideas come in the shower?

Illustration inspired by my personal thoughts and ideas that I have while taking a shower.


This documentary film became known for the message it spreads: Half for us, half for the nature.
Below you can see my process, from the first to the final thumbnail,
and how I developed the concept how to represent the message of the film.

Good things are coming
Personal illustration

Today's cravings
Personal illustration

How to survive a creative burnout?

Below you can see the starting sketch of the concept development.
A burnout is a struggle which every person struggles, sooner or later.
I did this illustration as a personal project, while I was going through a burnout,
by portraying the emotions that I had.

Blank page anxiety

Inspiration for my personal project
(which I imagined to be in Medium's article Conquering Blank Page Anxiety),
was every artist' worst nightmare - The blank page.

Dotted lines

Book cover illustration
Client: New Degree Press

When novice journalist Neha learns of this mind-boggling statistic, she is determined to do something about it. Neha knows how best to communicate the issue at hand — through her first article series with Arkaa magazine. But when Neha’s assignment on Artificial Intelligence proves more than she bargained for, she finds herself trapped between towing the line or standing by her convictions.
Book cover for Hrishita Bapuram, Published by New Degree Press.


pizza&wine is a personal project, a self portrait with my favourite drink and dish combo - Neapolitan pizza and red wine.
It started with an analog sketch, which turned into watercolour illustration,
and lastly it became my first block print, and first self printed t-shirt.
I used Speedball block printing kit.

Describe 2020 in one .gif:

A personal project, which turned into my first animation on Procreate 5,
inspired by my constant struggle, getting foggy glasses from the mask.

28th birthday expectation vs. reality

Illustration to mark my 28th birthday, first Covid birthday :)
How I celebrated it, vs. how I wanted to celebrate it.

Good things are coming

Be patient, good things will knock on your door!
I joined #moodboosterweek with my quick drawing done while waiting for my flight.
The challenge was created by some fellow illustrators to promote creativity & positivity,
and this is my illustration for the first prompt ‘Good things are coming’.

finally, the bars are open, and we can stare in our screens from there

Personal project illustration inspired by the situation that I noticed around bars,
when the Covid restrictions were lifted.

Hungry wolves in my stomach

Inspiration for my personal project were the sounds coming from my stomach before lunch.
Who else’s stomach sounds like howling wolves when hungry?

Yeah, summer is here.

Personal project done as editorial illustration-animation.
Inspired by my constant mosquito struggle.

The perks of being an illustrator

Project done for my hosting at Digislavia, an online gallery curating different artists.
Instead of random selection of my works in a gallery, I decided to illustrate a story inspired by
The perks of being an illustrator.

ready TWO party

Project done for a birthday party table decoration.

Jan's jungle

Project done as a print gift for the birth of my first nephew.

Berlin clubbing in 2021

Even though there was a strict mask policy in the clubs, the magic of Berlin’s raves is still the same!
Illustration inspired from my weekend getaway in Berlin, summer 2021.

Pms diaries

Illustration inspired by the standard ice cream cravings during pms.


Poem illustration for Popshot Magazine

Family edition. Poem by Colette Coen.

The Zone

No matter if it is a lover or a friend, when you finish each other sentences, when there is a direct connection,
when you don't filter what you say, and when it feels like you two are sharing one mind, then you are in the Zone.
Illustration inspired from my weekend getaway in Berlin, summer 2021.

Eating disorder

An illustration on the topic of eating disorder, done for an event which was canceled due Covid restrictions.
The text next to it, on the spread mock up bellow is an example text taken from a blog about Eating disorder.

Ivana & Casio

Private commission Illustration

Birthday illustration

I drew this illustration for the 30th birthday of my boyfriend.
As a brief, I took his hobbies and his job, and imagined the character doing them all at once.
The first sketch was done in 2020, and this is the new re-illustrated version, of 2021.